About us

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Our History

From humble begining in 1995, under the name of Syarikat Tandang Sari Sdn Bhd was founded by industry veteran Kapten Md Nasir (R) on “Kontrak bermasak islam”. Since then, we had evolved with few brands and developed supply chain to support it. We are now devoted in helping to establish F&B veterans and, new and young entrepreneurs alike, such as Perhebat. we are bringing culture back to life with “NUSANTARA” food.
Nusantara/ South China Sea, part of ancient “Silk Road”, meeting points of countries around the world for centuries.Having living and exposed to multiple cultures over long periods of time, Nusantara have been labelled as one of the richest culture region that the world can offer. This very culture we embrace and present it through our food offerings
Each concept under Serapi brand is identical yet unique in focusing different culture representation of Nusantara culture.
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